Since I started this here blog as a way to chronicle my return to work, I guess it’s fitting that I should have to start (again) at the beginning.

I’m back to square one, and BY GOLLY DARN IT ¹, I’m gonna chronicle this shit.²

Knowing my track record, I’m probably going to fail. It’s okay (relatively speaking, if you consider nuclear annhialation as “not okay”).

What I’m NOT okay with is apathy. Failure is at least a reminder that you’re trying.  Apathy is the lack of trying.

So here I go again, trying in such an adorably pathetic way to jump the wake.
1. Life jacket? 
2. Snacks? 
3. Sense of Humor? 
4. Those sea band bracelets so I don’t get sick? 
5. Anxiety Meds? ……Bueller???? …….. (by golly darn it, I forgot the f***ing meds)³
¹  editorial note: why write “by golly darn it” if you’re just going to swear five words later?
² shut the hell up, that’s why.
really??? you’re gonna do that again???



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