When I’m tired, I love to laugh.

I NEED to laugh.

So, in honor of my frustrating week, I decided to start planning a “private” collection of “Concert Ideas That Would Get Even a Tenured Teacher Fired”

CITWGEATTF for short.

I’ve got four so far. I may have a fun conversation with students about hilarious concert themes and add them to a list. So here are my ideas so far:

1. Fun with Jazz Fusion (I’ll have to start a band first, but I’ll only allow bari sax)

2. Recorders! Recorders! Recorders! (this is where we collect all Recorders and throw them into a 🔥) Rhythmic chanting and fire dances will be included. And goats. Definitely goats.

3. Never Made it as a Wise Man (Nine Nights of Nickelback)

4. 12 Songs of 12-tone music for the 12 Days of some Non-Religious December Thing.






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