I went up to the roof of my school today to watch the Great Solar Eclipse of 2017. There were maybe 15 of us up there at one point. We all, before the school year has actually started, shared this cool moment together. We only had two pairs of eclipse glasses for all of us, but we all shared and took some pictures. I handed my phone over to people so they could text my pictures to their own phone.

I loved these people I work with.

I saw them all as individuals, just as excited about the super nerdy science stuff as I was.

And then I realized, in looking over my pictures later, that they (and I) look JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.

We’re the same people YOU work with. And most importantly,  we’re all interesting, kind, funny, sometimes sarcastic, intelligent people.

It struck me, while looking at the pictures tonight, that in order to see the best in people, we need to CHOOSE to see the best in people.

We need to CHOOSE to like our colleagues.

We need to drop our own pride for a minute and DECIDE to see the value in the people around us.

I hope SO MUCH that I remember that this year. My colleagues are inherently valuable. And interesting. And sometimes awesome. I just need to take my head out of my a** long enough to see it.

I need to CHOOSE to see it.


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