My first week (of professional development) is done.

I don’t have students yet, so I spent the week (the first of two) in professional development with tons of other new teachers. Most were over a decade younger than I am, but since I stopped maturing around the age of 19, this was not a problem. In fact, in many ways they inspired me.

If I’m honest, it kind of felt like a novelty. I got up at 5:30 every day, drove about an hour to “work,” hung out with other new teachers, then drove home (IN TRAFFIC EVERY DAY) to see my kids. It was actually nice. I’ve liked my commute so far. It gives me a chance to mentally prepare in the morning, and decompress in the afternoon.

This is my brutally honest part: I DIDN’T MISS BEING HOME ONE BIT. I felt like myself. I could focus. I could concentrate. I could have FULL CONVERSATIONS with adults. And then coming home to see my kids was a treat. 🙂




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